Board of Directors / Executives Brief Information



Born in 1985, Ismet Ömer Öztanık is a hospitality and multiple-business services entrepreneur. 

Ismet assumes the role of Co-Founder & Vice Chairman in both Lucis Global and Lucis Initiative as well as being the shareholder and board member of the Öztanık Family’s leading Corporation Özmetal Inc, since 2003 and onwards. 

İsmet is the founder and vice chairman of the Avantgarde Collection Hotels brand since 2009 which is known for its stylish urban hotels at 3 different locations in Istanbul, and another luxury boutique resort in Bodrum.  Ismet is still actively involved in corporate communications, finance and all aspects of pr & marketing.

Ismet plays the leading role in Lucis Initiative which is spreading its roots in the hospitality, real estate development and service sectors. Since 2012, Lucis Initiative has been the instigating, thus leading investor in multi participant start up investments. Respectively, Educhos Academy, Soluto Facility Management Services and Assembly Buildings Management have been the major initiatives. Ismet as the Founding Chairman of these initiatives plays an active role in the business development of these companies as well as all major decision makings.

Aside from being an active mentor and fund co-investor of the US-based entrepreneurial initiative, Ismet is also the Founding Partner & Board Member of for almost a decade. He is also a limited partner in 500 start-ups Turkey since 2016 and serves as an Advisory Board Member. In addition to his experiences and entrepreneurship in hospitality industry and facility management services, he takes a role as Asiability Turkey’s Country Chairman, a UK headquartered firm that enables good commercial and philanthropic partnerships with the leading Chinese businesses and institutions. In July 2018 Ismet was one of the business people who were awarded with Turkey’s New Generation Leaders within the research of 40 Young CEOs Under the Age of 40 by Economist Magazine.

He is married and is the father of two children. He is a graduate of Koç University, College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Department of International Relations. He has a master’s degree in Management from the London Cass Business School in 2007 and furthermore, he is the ‘Country Ambassador of Cass/City Alumnis’.  

He is BCCT Member, Karadeniz Foundation Steering Committee Member, Soho House Founding Member, YEDY Gastronomic Measurement Institution’s Advisory Board Member, and INDER Member. He also holds memberships for TKYD (Corporate Governance Association of Turkey), TÜROB (Hotel Association of Turkey), and Fenerbahçe Sports Club.

Born in Istanbul in 1988, Cenk Öztanık graduated from the Department of Business Administration of Bilgi University in 2009, following his high school education at Şişli Terakki High School and BJK College and completed his military service in 2010 at the Nato Allied Air Command in Izmir.

He continues his duties as shareholder and board member of the Öztanık Family’s leading corporation Özmetal Inc. since 2003 and Lucis Global, established in 2012 to share the historical past of Öztanık Otelcilik (Hotel Management) Inc. He maintains his activities as board member at the Avantgarde Collection hotels group with four branches, established under the roof of Lucis Global. Having played handball for a total of 15 years, both professionally during his university years and as a hobby during his professional life, Öztanık has marked his name under the significant victories of teams, which have ranked high in senior leagues.

After graduating from the Department of Hotel & Restaurant Management of Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto, Canada, Göktalay returned to Turkey to embark upon his official career journey at Çırağan Palace Kempinski.

Partaking in the inaugural management team of Ceylan InterContinental Hotel, he then once again undertook senior management positions at Çırağan Palace Kempinski and Bodrum Barbaros Bay Kempinski for many years.
Serving as general director of Les Ottomans Hotel for three years as of 2006, Göktalay shouldered the opening of Avantgarde Hotel in Zincirlikuyu in 2009, subsequently assuming its management. In 2011 he took on the task of CEO at the boutique hotel chain, The House Hotel Collection, until mid-2014. As of August 2014, he continued his career at Ev Emlak Inc., also incorporating The House Hotel Collection, as New Projects and Business Development Coordinator.

He continues his duty as board member at the Lucis Initiative investment company, which also embodies Avantgarde Collection, since the end of 2014.