Who We Are / Philosophy

About Lucis Initiative


Lucis Initiative supports many different business initiatives to be built on a strong foundation, develop a competitive, unique product and service at home, and then make their presence felt in global markets owing to the company’s specialization in investment, process management, and providing networking. Having experiences in foreign trading, international business negotiations, global markets and online venture capital investments spread over a wide geography, Lucis assists investors and developers in their journey to acquire, develop and bring their projects to life with a comprehensive approach to business services entrepreneurship.

Thanks to its founder family Oztanik’s 3 decades of hotel development and A to Z in-house management track record, Lucis Initiative has engaged in seeding and accelerating a number of value-added hospitality operations with industry specific managing and smart investor parties, which range from catering to facility management and various professional training programmes as well as investing in hotels, restaurants & cafés.

Our Mission & Values



Company Culture

Lucis Initiative has expertise in hospitality arts, integrated facility management services and trainings, consultancy, branded office management, real estate projects, catering and restaurant investment partnerships with its 30 years of experience in hotel management. Based on the A to Z management model, Lucis Initiative invests in innovative business ideas.



Partnership Strategy

Lucis Initiative is built on an opportunity-oriented structure which embraces professional partnership, and has the ability to make quick decisions and put them into practice. It aims to be one of the best instances in the investment sector in building bridges between commercial enterprises.